13 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

unique wall art ideas

SirMetalman is featured in Redfin home decorating article.

We all love a space we can call our own and feel comfortable. For those who love decorating, here are some great ideas from the industry leader, Redfin, on creative ways to highlight your walls.

Select art the speaks to you.

Art can create emotional feelings. Choose art appropriate for the effect you are trying to achieve in that space.
If you are looking for a calming space, choose a tranquil theme and colors. A space to invite personal thoughtfulness or group discussion maybe have an original piece that brings the feeling you are hoping for experience.

Metal art brings a permanence not found in other mediums. SirMetalman has the experience to create metal with different shapes, cuts, color and texture. Try a more unique piece to highlight your home.

You can see the original post here: https://www.redfin.com/blog/unique-wall-art-ideas-home/ 

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