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8 hilarious & true reasons for Metal Address signs

The 5 minutes that can change your life!

Focus on your home signage for a few minutes and save your life and property in the future. The best reason on why you should get an address sign is to gain minutes for the 1st responders-fire, police, medical personnel to reach you! 

It’s easy to get complacent with our house.  Pretend you have not been there-can you EASILY see your address sign? 

At least make sure you have the street address numbers. 
If someone is driving by your house, can they see your address?  Unless you live on a 1-way street, can the address sign be seen coming from both directions?   Make sure the address sign is not hidden by foliage or building obstructions.
White against a dark back ground is more visible with  large block font.
Sirmetalman signs offer both a front plate and a contrast color back plate to give you a superior sign.
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emt can't find your metal address

So long Grubhub, Dominoes, Doordash, and pizza

Picture this: 
You’ve had a long day, too tired to cook. 
You order your favorite food and you are waiting….waiting …waiting. 
The food drivers have a tough job.  Often work unfamiliar areas and play a type of treasure hunt game to find your house or even harder a condo or apartment. 

Don’t make it hard for your food to get delivered – at least to you. 

If you  want to have your neighbors happy – just keep letting them grab your pizza pie.
Don’t whine about why  you have no pizza – Just get your custom address sign.
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delivery guy can't find your address sign

Where’s my Amazon?…Fill in the blank

I do love my Amazon – or store delivery of choice. 

Do you get the message your package has been sent out for delivery?  But then nothing? 

Save the cost, time, and hassle of phone calls and emails back and forth to your supplier when they did their job, but your package just got lost.
Make sure there is a visible address sign next to your door so it’s easy to get your packages.
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I had a party and no one came

Ok – You have spent the day cleaning your house, preparing food and beverage of choice. 
Now you are waiting for your guests to arrive. 

Are they being fashionable late or are they lost? 
Have you ever been lost finding a friends place and had trouble?
Do you get ticked off that they made it so hard to find their place? 
Be courteous to your guests so they can at least find your house – after that you are on your own.
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Make the Joneses jealous

There is acceptable and then there is stylish.  Can it be both?
Choose an address sign that is chic and functional. 
Find the color to highlight your house.  Oftentimes a neighborhood has guidelines on home appearance. 
Buy a sign that is well made, durable, and can handle the outdoors and show off your home.
Metal address signs will last forever and make sure it is powder coated to stand up to the weather!
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and it matches my dress

Are you looking at buying a sign and they offer….black and maybe white? 

Well, check out SirMetalman custom address signs where you can choose from many beautiful powder coated colors. 
Have a sign color for the season, choose a color that matches your house or contrasts your house color.  SirMetalman offers almost infinite color combination choice since you can choose a front plate and a contrasting color back plate. 
What’s your unique color combo? 

And, yes, you can even buy a stylish address sign that matches your dress or classic jeans.
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why get custom address sign

How not to look old and decrepit

Metal or specifically steel is a superior choice for address signs. 
Steel will last forever whereas wood and plastic rot and colors fade. 

Metal address signs with powder coating colors are strong, rust and corrosion resistant and will not wear with age. 

Save money:  Purchase 1 sign to last years instead of a yearly purchase. 
Make sure the metal sign you purchase has a powder coat finish instead of no finish or paint. 
Powder coating prohibits rust, colors stay vibrant and it provides waterproof protection…
oh…and better for the environment.
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Bury me or screw me on a wall

Your address sign choice will depend on your housing situation.
Long driveway or many doors? 

If you have a long driveway, then an address sign with stakes that can be installed close to the road might make sense.   

If you have a fence or mailbox post near the street, that might be a good place to mount the address sign with wall mount for better viewing. 

For those living in a condo situation then a wall mount address sign would be a great choice so it is easily visible which unit is yours. 

SirMetalman offers many styles of address signs:

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BONUS: Contact SirMetalman for your questions

Thank you for being an informed buyer.  At Sir Metalman we educate and answer any questions you may have.  While you are here, please check out our collection of custom metal address signs.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us so we can work with you to provide an answer.  We are a family owned USA shop.  Our designers, metal workers, color powder coat artists are all in house to give our customers quality and choice. 

  • Made in USA
  • All metal
  • Address signs with stakes and address signs wall mount
  • Customize, personalize
  • Powder coating for durability
  • Handles outdoor elements
  • Many color choices
  • Custom orders available
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