Lobby decorating idea Honoring roots

lobby decorating idea

Brausen Automotive: Honoring their roots & giving customers unique lobby experience Brausen historic lobby diorama display https://youtu.be/jKFAxUyq814 Watch the behind the scenes building of this original metal diorama created from historic photo from founding gas station 1931 in Little Falls, MN. Give customers an interesting waiting area Unique Business lobby decorating idea Brausen Automotive Service in Arden Hills, MN is a previous client of ours and a 3rd generation family owned business. Family, community and top service to their customers are…

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ETS Performance Custom LOGO Signs

ETS custom logo sign

Sport’s Performance Company Since 2010, ETS has developed, implemented and successfully proven several unique systems that have delivered unmatched results for youth, high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes worldwide. These systems have been created through years of research by combining unique ETS methods & philosophies with specific synergistic components from other world-renowned performance specialists. The unique systems of training that ETS provides are customized and easily implemented for any athlete or client regardless of age, sport or ability level.…

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Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

13 Crafted Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I’ll love you forever;I’ll like you for alwaysAs long as I’m livingMy baby you’ll be~ “I love you Forever” By Robert Munsch Mothers Day gift ideas -Custom from you-personal for her Do you know, in this crazy world, what one thing we ALL have in common?Yep – we all have a mom….awww. Even though we all have a mom – each mom is different.  But we do like to spend (at least) 1…

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Don’t buy from us because we are a small business

small business better big box store

Ok, first you have to have the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” playing in your head as it is in mine – but with words “Don’t buy from us, a small business……my neighbor…” Yes, we are a small business, a family business in fact. We want the best for you. We specialize in what you cannot get on a big box store website. We help your company stand out in a professional way. We help you give the gift…

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Custom metal art work

Custom metal art work| Custom metal artwork| metal art fabrication Capture your story…using metal as the medium Are you looking for that special piece to showcase in your home?  Do you love the look and permanence of metal?  We offer pre-designed metal designs that fit in todays modern home decors.  We also offer you the ability to create your heirloom metal art for your home and office. Show off your artistic style while adding elements of home and heritage, with…

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Secret Closing gift with whopping rewards

realtor closing gift power of referral

Discover Trade secret Realtor Closing gift with whopping rewards Is giving a realtor closing gift a good idea? Before we start talking what is a good closing gift, let’s begin with if it should be done.  Offering the best quality service to your client is necessary for your job.  You will not get a referral, even if you give a great gift, if your realtor skills are lacking.  A realtor closing gift is not a band-aid. That said, it’s still…

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TRUEN Group LOGO install

truen laurie dick

TRUEN Group Sign installation: Stillwater, MN https://youtu.be/lgTjechf0Rw Blank wall Floating LOGO TRUEN Group logo Sir Metalman Team TRUEN Group was looking for a new custom metal sign for business for their new office.Sir Metalman created an impact metal logo sign for clients to see as soon as they enter the entrance way at TRUEN Group: EXP Realty of Stillwater,MN. We worked with their interior designer Ara Guevara of Casabyara to complement the feel of the space. In the new office space…

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Brausen Automotive

custom branding business sign

Brausen Automotive Sign installation by SirMetalman: Arden Hills, MN Brausen Service https://youtu.be/N6urLwiAp9k Sir Metalman had the great opportunity to work with Brausen Automotive Service in Arden Hills, MN installing a new sign for their updated shop. In this age of ever changing business landscape, it’s impressive to find acompany that has been around since 1969! Brausen is a 3rd generation family business. Many employees have been there over 25 years. Even though they have been in business over 50 years, their facility…

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13 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

unique wall art ideas

SirMetalman is featured in Redfin home decorating article. We all love a space we can call our own and feel comfortable. For those who love decorating, here are some great ideas from the industry leader, Redfin, on creative ways to highlight your walls. Select art the speaks to you. Art can create emotional feelings. Choose art appropriate for the effect you are trying to achieve in that space.If you are looking for a calming space, choose a tranquil theme and…

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How prepare your garden

garden harvest

Gardeners in the northern states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas, Iowa, Michigan, have to deal with quite a long winter.  When Spring finally comes, we are excited to be out in the fresh air and enjoy our hobbies: gardening, hiking, boating, sitting by campfires.  If you are a gardener you can do some things to get head start on preparing your garden for a bountiful season. 10 fun ideas on how prepare your garden: Analyze and prepare the soil for what you…

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