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Signs of Excellence with a Custom Gym Sign

How We Support ETS in Their Journey to Greatness


Since 2010, ETS (Englebert Training Systems) has revolutionized athletic training with its unique systems that deliver unparalleled results for athletes across all levels—from youth to professional and even Olympic competitors. At Sir Metalman, we take immense pride in contributing to their success story by crafting custom signs that reflect their dedication and achievements. Our partnership with ETS exemplifies how customized visual elements can enhance a brand’s presence and inspire those who strive for excellence.

ETS: A Journey of Excellence

ETS has established itself as a leader in the athletic training industry through years of meticulous research and the integration of unique methods and philosophies. Their systems are not only innovative but also highly effective, making a significant impact on the athletic community. With over 2,500 college athletes, 250 professional athletes, and more than 50,000 athletes trained across various sports, ETS’s track record speaks for itself.

Our Role in ETS’s Expansion

As ETS continues to expand its reach, opening new centers and reaching more athletes, the need for a custom gym sign has grown. This is where our expertise comes into play. We have had the privilege of designing and manufacturing numerous custom signs for ETS, every one tailored to meet their specific needs and branding requirements. Our signs not only mark their physical presence but also serve as a symbol of their commitment to excellence.

Designing Custom Signs for ETS

Creating signs for ETS involves a collaborative process, ensuring that each custom gym sign aligns with their brand’s values and aesthetics. Here are some key elements we focus on:

  1. Durability and Quality: Given the high-traffic nature of athletic facilities, our signs are hand-crafted from steel and aluminum materials, hand sanded and powder coated – all designed to last while maintaining their visual appeal.

  2. Brand Consistency: Every sign we create for ETS adheres to their branding guidelines, ensuring a cohesive look across all locations. This consistency helps reinforce their brand identity and values.

  3. Customization: Each business we work withh has their own identity.  We craft individual brand signs.  Each sign we create is based specifically on the business logo, brand identity, font, color and size required for the biggest impact. Each custom brand sign is crafted for the expanding number ETS centers. This level of customization helps create a unique and welcoming environment for athletes.

Impact of Our Signs on ETS’s Centers

The custom signs we provide play a vital role in the day-to-day operations and overall atmosphere of ETS’s training centers. Clear, attractive signage enhances the user experience, guiding athletes and visitors through the facilities with ease. Moreover, the motivational and branding signs serve as constant reminders of the high standards and goals that ETS sets for its athletes.

Why Custom Signs Matter

Custom signage is more than just a functional element; it’s a powerful tool for communication and branding. For ETS, our signs:

  • Create a Professional Atmosphere: High-quality signs reflect the professionalism and dedication of ETS, making a positive impression on new and returning athletes.
  • Enhance Motivation: Motivational quotes and branding signs inspire athletes, reminding them of the goals they strive to achieve.
  • Promote Safety and Organization: Clear directional and informational signs help maintain order and safety within the training centers.


Our ongoing collaboration with ETS is a testament to the importance of quality custom signage in supporting and enhancing a brand’s growth and success. As ETS continues to expand and reach new heights in the athletic training world, we are honored to be part of their journey, crafting signs that symbolize their commitment to excellence and inspire athletes to achieve their dreams.

Check out ETS and their incredible training systems at their various centers throughout the area. Together, we are building a future where every athlete has the opportunity to excel and succeed.

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