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Custom metal art work

Custom metal art work| Custom metal artwork| metal art fabrication

Capture your story…using metal as the medium

Are you looking for that special piece to showcase in your home?  Do you love the look and permanence of metal?  We offer pre-designed metal designs that fit in todays modern home decors.  We also offer you the ability to create your heirloom metal art for your home and office. Show off your artistic style while adding elements of home and heritage, with hand crafted ornamental design.

This is not an assembly line production but the old school craft of design and customer input to create the design you envision. 

We add our expertise with education of metal design, metal fabrication, coloring, lighting and installation of your unique metal art piece.

How do I start a custom metal design?

We want to make this truly your special piece. How do we start custom metal designs?
Sometimes people show us a photograph that we artistically selectively create and highlight the main features. At times people have seen something at a friend’s home or on the web that spoke to them – we recreate the idea of the piece. We’ve had people draw on paper and take a photo with their phone – from there, our designers create an image and we correspond with the client on specifics they want to see in their custom metal art. We had a woman send us lyrics to a song she wrote and we cut those into the metal, added a back panel of contrasting color steel to highlight the text. So there are many different ways to convey your vision so we can create your custom metal design.

What kind of metal is best for metal artwork