Custom Metal Key Holder

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Our metal key holders are made of strong steel, precision cut and finished then powder coated to color coordination to your home plus durability and rust protection.  These key holders are hand bent which offsets the design from the wall. This shows the attention to detail all of our pieces receive – for wonderful additions to your home decor and treasured gifts. 

If you don’t see one that fits your style here-let us know so we can add to the collection!contact us

Cool customized key holders -holds keys, leashes, gear.  Never lose your keys again- everything has a home.

Have you ever wasted time and increased frustration looking for your keys before you can even start your day? Do you just throw important items like keys, purses, leashes, bags on the counter when you get home? Buy these personalized metal key holders to show your style and give your important items a home-everyday! You can leave the house seeing a reminder of your favorite pet or hobby – if you don’t see one that fits your style here – contact us and send us a picture of what you would love in your home as a holder of important items.