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Avalanche Apparel

Per discussion 2/23/24 plus any approved updates in design phase

  • size about 32″x32″
  • 2 panels
  • back panel white powder coat
  • front panel black powder coat
  • front panel cut outs for text and muscle man
  • back LED lighting – changeable colors, remote controller
  • Mounting holes will be added when the mounting strategy and dimensions are reviewed
    during the design phase.


  • Total price $1750
  • 1/2 design deposit $875 
  • Remainder due after design approval before fabrication

Avalanche Apparel



While the designers and shop are working on your design, you can always get ahold of us for an update or questions.


Pat Haug 


About Custom Deposit
  • We collect 1/2 project total to start design.
  • We communicate with you during the design phase.
  • Once design approved, we collect remaining half.
  • Then we fabricate, powder coat and finish your sign.

We ask for deposit because we want to give you what you want.


Even if your description and submitted picture shows  exactly what you want, there are design considerations to translate an image on paper to a physical object.


Our engineers consider many factors when creating your custom design into a solid metal piece:

  • Proper size/scale
  • Tolerance
  • Bridging areas
  • Colors
  • Shape
  • Gauge metal
  • Number of panels
  • LED requirements
  • Installation contraints

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