Custom Metal Sign Deposit

Start your custom metal design process.

  • You provide a clear idea of what you want.
  • We will start the more detailed discussion with you regarding your project.
  • We are designing your piece to be cut and created into a custom piece.
  • We allow 3 iterations of change. The more clear you are on what you want the better outcome.
  • We will send final image for approval.
  • Once approved – you can pay remainder and we can start your dream piece.
  • Deposit is non refundable
  • Deposit will be used towards your final cost of piece.
Due to steel prices rising,
quoted projects are good for 2 weeks.

Alex Desanctis & family memory metal map
per email quote

Full sign & design, build $1350

1/2 for deposit $675



Why is deposit necessary?

We ask for deposit because we want to give you what you want.

Even if your description and submitted picture shows  exactly what you want, there are design considerations to translate an image on paper to a physical object.

We need to cut metal with some tolerance. 
Parts on your picture may not be connected to the other components of your picture – we need to figure out how best to create a solid metal design.

We engineer the design for proper size, shape, gauge steel, number of panels, how best to display and color options.