Custom Sign Installation

  • 1 – Order 6 heavy mirror wall clamps and then sand/polish powder coat the visible part to match the front of the lyrics art front panel. 
  • 2 – There will be 2 supports on the bottom and 2 on top. During installation we may decide to add 2 extra supports if wall dictates it.
  • 3 – We will locate the studs in the wall, this is our desired located, to screw the mounts solidly into the wall (we will bring alternative anchors incase required)
  • 4 – interior scaffold will be setup in front of the wall (area needs to be cleared so we have complete access)
  • 5 – we will mark the wall and drill the mounts
  • 6- we would then carefully raise the art work up onto the wall and secure the piece.
  • 7 – some final leveling adjustments may be made before cleaning up the scaffolding and area

2 guys
plus scaffold rental