Custom Wall art with street names & Eye chart

$838.00 $730.47

2 Amazing Wall Showcase pieces!

File Image: Street Name Wall Art Image3– image shows the outside frame and the front street panel nested inside this frame- Frame is 1″ welded square tube and shown powder coated mini-texture black- Front street panel is finished steel. During our heating process for clear powder coating, it will result in a dull steel finish. (Tried to show in the image created)
File Image: snapshot of 6 mount locations– This top view shows the locations (roughly) that I will have magnet mounts welded and magnets mounted- no holes will show in front panel
File Image: Side View Sketch– Side view shows how the parts stack. Magnet ledge, then magnet fixed to ledge.- Top plate will then sit on the magnet and be held in place- I am thinking 1/4″ gap on top, allows the front panel to recess in the frame slightly. The front plate will then be approx. 3/4″ off the wall the frame is mounted to
General Notes:– frame  is 1″ x 1″ welded tube and powder coated mini-texture black- outside dimensions are 30″ wide x 44″ tall- no back panel, the wall it hangs on will show behind the letter- magnets will be used to hold the front panel in place- no other mounting holes are provided on back of the frame for mounting. If something is needed please let us know if needed to help mounting-

Each of the 2 signs will be the same dimension and construction- will meet 1/2 way to deliver signs-

eye chart image final design will be sent after design discussion

$838.00 $730.47