Magic & Whimsy : Best Fairy Moon Metal decor

Fantasy Fairy Moon metal art- sitting on the moon-what’s your word…..

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SirMetalman Fairy moon metal wall decor is perfect for girl’s bedroom or playroom.  The magical fairy is sitting on the crescent moon.  Choose a special word: LOVE, DREAM, PEACE that is on the right side of the moon in topsy turvy letters.  

Best Fairy Moon metal wall decor

Whimsical fairy moon metal decor-fun addition to any room.
Fairy sitting on crescent moon.
DREAM text cut onto moon  

Letters are twisted to give 3D shape

  • Functional, beautiful and unique.
  • Beautiful artistic colors in purples
  • Powder coated (instead of paint)
  • 12″ wide x 15″ high

$79.00 $44.00