Custom metal sign FAQs

  1. How much is a custom sign

    When looking to purchase a custom sign there are several factors that need to be taken into account and impact the cost. Common materials used in signs are: steel, wood, plastic. Sign size-the bigger the size, the more material needed therefore more cost. The sign should have finish grinding to remove sharp edges. If the sign has color or clear coated for durability with a paint or powder coat will add cost but also value.

  2. What does metal gauge mean?

    Metal gauge or metal gage refers to the metal thickness. It’s opposite what you normally think. The larger gauge number is a thinner metal. So a 20 gauge is thinner than a 14 gauge. When we make metal signs we typically use 14-16 gauge. Our metal pop up gift collection is done using 20 gauge. For perspective of using everyday items for gauge comparison 20 gauge steel is similar to thickness of a credit card or aluminum can. 16 gauge can be compared to 2 credit cards or a bit thicker than a US penny. Steel 14 gauge is about the thickness of a US nickel.