How prepare your garden

garden harvest

Gardeners in the northern states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas, Iowa, Michigan, have to deal with quite a long winter.  When Spring finally comes, we are excited to be out in the fresh air and enjoy our hobbies: gardening, hiking, boating, sitting by campfires.  If you are a gardener you can do some things to get head start on preparing your garden for a bountiful season. 10 fun ideas on how prepare your garden: Analyze and prepare the soil for what you…

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8-Greats of the right garden plant markers

how prepare your garden with metal garden markers-huge selection 18"

8-Greats of the Right garden plant markers #1 A Rose by any other name….what else are these called? Plant markerGarden markerPlant labelGarden stake #2 What’s in the toiled soil? Basically, if you don’t have a plant marker….you may not know what is sprouting from your toiled soil!You put so much sweat equity – literally, in your garden, make sure you can identify what is where. It’s important to know where plants are located in your garden so you can -…

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