Handcrafted Metal Home Decor

Handcrafted Metal Home Decor: Define your space with style & grace

You like certain colors and style. You look at your walls all day.
Buy meaningful, quality, long lasting handcrafted metal home decor pieces to create your space.
You are not boring and generic so why go to the generic big box stores?
Our pieces are family made in Minnesota.
You choose the designs and colors – if you don’t see what you want in our selection-contact us-we love making special pieces for special people.

  • metal tree woman wall decor

    Metal Tree Woman

  • mountain family metal sign

    Metal Ski Sign

  • windmill family name sign

    Windmill Family Name Sign

  • always be humble & kind wall sign

    Always be Humble and Kind sign

  • irish sign-cead mile failte

    Name Celtic Sign

  • Best Fish sign:Fish jumping metal wall art

    Fish jumping metal wall art

  • irish sign-cead mile failte

    Celtic Wall Sign

  • buffalo wall art with patina

    Buffalo metal wall art all Patina

  • longhorn metal wall art

    Longhorn Metal Wall Art

  • custom metal wall decor

    Buffalo Metal Wall art

  • scottish sign thistle sign

    Scottish Name Sign

  • custom photo holder sign with photos

    Hanging Photo Display

  • campfire sign

    Campfire sign

  • musical sign

    Musical notes metal wall decor

  • IMG 8287 scaled

    Proud of the House We Built wall sign

  • custom word heart sign

    Custom word Heart sign

  • dream catcher wall art for sale

    Dream catcher wall art

  • nautical star blue white

    Compass Rose Sign

  • freedom eagle metal wall art white text area

    Freedom Eagle Metal Wall Art

  • triple cross wall art

    triple cross wall art

  • jesus fish wall art

    Jesus Fish Wall Art: Ichthys

  • family heart wall sign

    Family Heart Wall Sign

  • custom metal coffee sign-option for size, color, words

    Coffee Signs

  • metal vertical welcome wall sign-blue-white

    Vertical Welcome Wall sign

  • custom metal script sign

    Custom Metal Script Sign

  • fairy moon- peace text metal art for wall

    Fairy Moon Peace Metal art

  • fairy moon- LOVE text metal art for wall

    Fairy Moon Love Metal art

  • fairy moon- dream text metal art for wall

    Fairy Moon Dream Metal art

  • metal welcome scroll sign with white backplate

    Metal Welcome Scroll Sign

  • Metal Vertical Custom Sign

    Vertical Metal word Sign

  • metal fish name sign

    Metal Fish Name Sign

  • metal family cross vertical

    Metal Family Cross

  • metal love cross vertical

    Metal Love Cross

  • metal hope cross vertical

    Metal Hope Cross

  • metal faith cross vertical

    Metal Faith Cross

  • mom cross garden marker

    Mom Cross Garden Marker