19+ Guilt-free home design ideas for real people

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TOP Spectacular Home Design Ideas during Covid

Okay, let’s talk interior design – your house – your home. 

What is interior design?
and Why do you care?

As stated “Interior design” is how we design or put together our inside space.  This includes walls, flooring, furniture, wall decor, lighting:  colors, materials, decoration and most importantly the feeling of the space.  As we all have different interests, we also have different styles in home decor.  Another factor is where you are in your life currently.  A mom with young children and pets will have different design ideas than a retired couple who likes to travel.

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Let Art transform your walls
Let Art transform your walls
Enjoy your outdoor space as well
Enjoy your outdoor space as well

Personal reflection questions when starting interior design projects-

  • How many people live in your house?
  • Do you have pets (especially if they have extra cleaning needs)?
  • Do you mind cleaning- ie dusting knick knacks etc?
  • What colors do you enjoy?
  • Are you renting or own – ie can you do larger changes
  • What items make you smile?
  • What do you DO at home: work, hobbies, entertain?
  • Think of function and form: Does it work and pleasing to the eye

Don’t need to be Home Beautiful
 – be Home You.

It is fun to look at Pinterest and the fabulous magazines with celebrity mansions and the rich and famous at home….

A house is walls, floors, furniture. 
The home is yes, sometimes messy-except before company (maybe), maybe a bit of country style in the kitchen, chic modern in the bathroom and cabin comfort in the bedroom. 
But gosh- it’s your space!

That’s right, I’m telling you it’s OK to have it all or just what you want with style.  If it seems pretentious to you, how comfortable will friends and family be when they visit?  It is possible to have a beautiful home with character – and it should be your character. 
Your walls speak – you tell them what to say. 

How is this done?  Well, the colors you choose, what you hang on the wall, the special pieces all speak.  Hang something up that will bring you back to why you do what you do to remember on good days and bad.  Put up a favorite saying or a custom family sign that says this is your house AND your home.

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-So what about Covid /Quarantine?

Our space always has an impact on how we feel but especially during this time of home quarantining or just for the fact many of our typical haunts are closed for now.  We are spending more time at home.  So, how do we make our home feel special and comfortable?  Everyone obviously has different visions for their ideal environment.

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Create Your Cozy spot

Is this your space away from the hectic office or home chores?  Have you designed a private space that’s just for you.  It’s not always practical to have the perfect home decor.  If you have little kids running around, dogs, cats, a couple of jobs to keep track of, hobbies that spill out of the room – See if you can take a small space and make it yours.  Maybe a spa bathroom to look forward to at the end of the day.  Your bedroom-with Do Not Disturb times to relax with a good book and a favorite chair, side table and wall decor that you have picked.  Do what  works for you.

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-What do you like to do in your space?

  • Reading 
  • Puzzles 
  • Journal writing 
  • Chatting  
  • Small Group games
  • Social media updates 
  • Handicrafts
  • Painting

You know those fabulous library rooms with floor to ceiling shelves full of books?  The interior made of oak paneling, wall sconces and a hint of musty cigar smell. 

Well – most of us do NOT have that dedicated room.  But you can create that special space and that is what it is really all about. 

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Where to start?

  • Find a room, or corner of a room.
  • Wall color
  • Luxurious rug
  • Soft lighting-lamp, small chandelier
  • Accent and comfortable pillows
  • Curtains as room divider
  • Alternate Room dividers-beads, metal panels 
  • Side table for books, cards, games
  • Place for your special drink: coffee, tea, wine, favorite drink
  • Special wall art – favorite quote, family crest – something the makes that space yours

Organize – Clean

Some people love to organize and redo – for some of us, well, we do piles of stuff.  Sadly, I’m a piler of papers, bills, leashes etc.  I am surprised when I actually do get into the mood – the actual clean up time is not as long as I thought and it packs the biggest punch for making my home feel new and mine.  Personalize it with a custom coat-leash-key hook.  This is a great way to combine family interest in hobbies such as fishing, favorite pets, or family names with a great organizer.  Find a paper organizer or better yet-go digital.  De-clutter your surfaces.  Go through closets and sell, donate, trash appropriately what you do not use.

Less clutter can be more of what you do enjoy:

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general mess

  Blank space or special pieces that now gets noticed.
general clean

– Wall Color

Change up wall color with paint, tile, wall paper.  I always thought dark colors make a room seem small but actually it can make it feel cozy and warm.  Room dimensions can be different in different areas of the country.  In warmer climates, the rooms may be larger with higher ceilings to let that warm air flow move up and away from you.  In cooler climates- rooms tend to be 8-10 feet high to keep that warmer air around.

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– Turn Accidents into fun changes

   Have you ever had an accident happen at home?  Water damage, pet damage, child wear and tear?

As an example, I had water damage from an upstairs leak cause water damage in my dining room ceiling.  What to do???

My handy husband picked up the discount can of paint at the local hardware store – yep-PURPLE!  Well, we painted the dining room ceiling and found…. we loved it. It gave a classy elegant feel to the room.  I think it helped when we sold that house.  Of course in our next house – first thing we painted was our new dining room ceiling a nice dark color

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general ceiling paint

Dark ceiling gives more intimate feel to room.

Also notice curtains to close off area to create cozy feel.

– Window treatments

  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Window decal
  • Metal panel

Privacy window panels.
Let in light
Add art in window space

metal decorative window panels

– Create special accent wall

Don’t need to paint a whole room.  You can do a section with contrasting paint or wall paper.  It can separate a large space, or arrange a space used for different things or just because you think it’s cool.  Don’t forget to add your special artistically unique wall piece.  Check out SirMetalman.com for metal wall art.

– Inspired by Nature

Bring the outside inside.  Think colors, textures, plants, herb garden.
Highlight a window if it has a nice view.  If not a great view then use window film, cafe curtains or metal panel with a nature scene for an unusual visual.

-…and speaking of Nature – add some outside decor

Outside spaces offer great opportunity as some of our inside spaces: relax, visit friends/family, work on crafts but they also have added opportunities.  Outside spaces can be wide open or you can add boundaries with fences and panels.  Gardens are also a huge bonus to outside spaces – and a great place to add your personality.

And Repeat…

So you have your special cozy space, what about the rest of your home?

– Statement art

Remember this is your space.  Think of all the time you are here and how that effects your psyche for doing what you do and setting the mood for your family. 

You know how fashionistas always talk about the little black dress that never goes out of style?  Well, wall art can be the same.  I’m not necessarily talking million dollar house – it’s nice to have a few pieces that you know will stand the test of time. 
These are made of durable quality material and it’s a style that works with any decor de joie.  Splurge or maybe request this piece as a special gift. House warming gift, anniversary gift or wedding gifts are a perfect time to mention this is on your wish list.

– Lighting

Many choices here.  Think about style of design, overhead, spot light, lamp, LED light strips all fun choices. 

  • Dim light is great for the night light situation but more beautiful.  Or add a dim light in a corner to add a cozy feel. 
  • Bright lights are good for high activity areas: offices, study areas, closets. 
  • Directed lights can really add a new dimension to wall decor – making it a focal point of the room.

– Benches & stools and soft spots to sit

Benches and stools can really do double duty for you.  First, they can be acquired or redone to match your decor.  There is some really fun paint colors and techniques available now.  Secondly, they are great for extra storage.  Benches near the front and back doors are nice for taking off shoes, putting on shoes, helping our little ones with shoes. The bench extra bonus is storing hats, mitts, and all extra weather wear.  Benches in the playroom are great for extra seating and storage of games, crafts and all things kids.  Benches in bedrooms are a furniture saver in so many ways.  Use the bedroom bench instead of a footboard – save money on the whole bed thing.  Get creative with a head board and save money to buy the most comfortable mattress set up. Bedroom benches are perfect for storing extra and out of season blankets and clothes. 

Plus, I notice as I get older, I don’t mind having resting places throughout the house (LOL).

– Hanging organization

On the subject of getting older – or those with OCD -or those with clutter issues – or forgetful – or too distracted when you walk in the door.  The subject of what you need when leaving the house.  Yes, I’m talking keys, leashes, coats.  If you have a butler situation – you can skip this part. 

For the rest of us, it is great to get in the habit of putting things like keys, dog leashes, coats in the same spot.  Find a fun style for your space.  Think about what you’ll be hanging on it, where is the best place to mount it – a plain wall by the door is good.  Make it special by getting a personalized hook.  If it will be used to hang dog leashes etc- get a hook with a profile of your dog and it’s name – or your family name.  If you love fishing – get a “Hook them” fish hook. 

The message here again – is it’s your space – even small areas can be personalized and make you smile – especially at the end of a long day.

Revamp with no money?

Furniture Change

Are you getting furniture/house decor envy?

It happens to us all and we may not be in a position to buy new furniture with, well, life happening.  This can be an especially fun activity done when the others who live with you are out of the house.

Take this time to look around, list what you have in each room.  Now- find a quiet spot – and don’t worry if you do not have one – we are coming to that.  Close your eyes and visualize the spaces you have and how you would like them to look.  Sometimes we may not even have a plan, we just want something new and a change.

Start extreme or just baby steps.   
If you want to start extreme – pick a room and empty all the furniture out.

Now look around your house – all the rooms and see what you would like in that room.  Slowly add different pieces back -maybe they are from different rooms and in a new combination. 

If you want to start on a smaller scale – switch two pieces of furniture  from different rooms. 

Wall Change

Now look at what is hanging on the wall. 
Wall decor is not usually as pricey as the big furniture.
This may be a good time to get a cool focal wall piece for the room you have been picturing in your head. 
Maybe – especially if a gift receiving time is coming up – ask for the personalized family crest or family name sign or cool art piece that will  change the feel of your room. 

You may find at the end of this activity- instead of needing all new furniture, you actually need to get rid of some pieces.  Depending on the situation – maybe a donation is preferred, a give away to someone else or sell the piece and use it as a fund to get the new look you are after.

The fun part of this activity is when the people you live with come home…and think a designer has visited your house in their absence!

Like in personal change – sometimes we have all we need, we just need to put it in the right order and highlight it. Sometimes we feel the need for a hard restart – maybe a new class for us and a home piece that  reminds us to smile.

– Write your name on the walls….wait – what?

Well, you certainly can write your name on your walls if you want.  What I am actually talking about is making your house your home.  Can I look in your rooms and get a feel for who you are? What are your interests? What colors do you like?  Do you prefer country or industrial look?  Do you like nature, boating, fancy parties, family time? 

It’s easier, less stressful to be you in your space. If you like nature, try a nature print or start with colors of nature-greens, blues.  If you like the nightlife, try a fun chandelier in a space to jazz it up.  If family is what you want to think on-frame up some pictures, get a personalized family plaque, sign, or saying that is important to your gang.  If you have a collection, find a shelf or wall space to display your favorite pieces.  If you have a lot of collection pieces then take a few and rotate the collection to keep it looking new.

Your space should be pleasing to you.  Look around – does it give   you the feeling you want – and this is individual. 

– Blend Different materials for interest and POP

Coordinate and contrast.  By using a variety of materials you can have contrast while still keeping with the theme or colors you’ve selected for the space. 
* Plants, twigs, birch tree branches are great ways to add warmth and nature into a room.  Especially with a change of season or holiday, choose plants and flowers that celebrate the time. 
* Floors may be wood, tile, carpet – it’s easy to add a rug during cooler parts of the year for warmth or a texture mat for color pop. 
* Wall space is a great space to highlight paintings, photography, weavings, posters, metal decor. 

Mix it up through the year.  Just moving something from one room to a different space can make it show in a new light and generate more interest.

-Windows with a view or not…

Of course we all dream of that perfect view.  Which view do you imagine: mountains, seaside, cityscape, trees, gardens – so individual what we like but it may not be current reality. 

What if your view is the next door neighbors house, garage, parking lot, garbage area…it’s not always what we prefer to look out into.  Well, there are solutions!  The more common window coverings are drapes and shades.  Both are functional and you can choose the color.  Another fun option is a contemporary metal panel.  You can fit to your window size, choose the style and color and voila, you have an art piece instead  of an eye sore.

– Dividers

Another super creative way to use drapes/metal panels is for separating rooms or space divider.  In the dining room, add curtains which creates an intimate area for conversation or dinner.  Similarly, in a nook type space use an old table with a pretty tablecloth to add glamor plus curtains in the doorways closes off the space to define the space as private.

Outdoor space will often times come with the same sort of issue.  You have a deck space but want to separate and add privacy from neighbors or an undesirable view – add metal decorative screens.   Choose a design: nature, modern, pattern – and you’ve created a separate space with artistic flair.

– Entryway

This is the first place you, family and visitors see and settle.  Make it inviting and functional.  Add a few from the list below and see if your day goes smoother.

  • Console Table
  • Lamp
  • Family Saying
  • Key Hooks

Please check out our custom metal line and purchase from SirMetalman.com
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