How get custom metal projects done

How get custom metal projects done

How get custom metal projects done

This is an example of just one customer’s journey to getting his custom metal project done.  He is a woodworker- so he reached out to us to do the steel component of his custom redwood fireplace hearth.  We have an easy process to move along the design  build phase. Price quotes are given after the design is established with specifications for size of steel, gauge of steel, powder coat color, welding needs etc.  We want to help you in your steel design and build needs.  We are a steel fabrication shop with plasma cutting, grinding, welding, powder coating capabilities all in-house. 
Drop us a message and see if we can work together.

How get custom metal projects done

  1. Customer creates custom wood designs. He wanted a creative metal overlay for to protect and enhance his custom made redwood hearth.

    custom metal panel for hearth customer steps

    Dan sent an picture idea of what he was looking for. Go to our how-order-personal-metal-sign to easily send us an idea of what you want. Sent image, sketch, example….size, color or a start and we will ask questions as they arise.

  2. He communicated his vision to SirMetalman designers.

    custom metal panel for hearth customer creativity

    Dan sent dimension specifications. He decided 2 side panels and 1 long front panel would enhance and protect his wood hearth. We can get creative. This project was multiple panels to be mounted around the hearth. We can do multiple panels for design or overlap panels for a mixture of colors and designs.

  3. Back & forth discussion to review specifications and details.

    custom metal panel for hearth customer steps-multi panels

    Dan wanted a metal design of redwood trees overlaying the redwood earth. We designed an the outdoor nature scene to fit his vision. We do metal designs for outside and inside. Also we’ll discuss how and where you want to mount the metal piece so it is built for the job.

  4. Finished piece

    custom metal projects done

    The finished pieces fit perfectly around his project and is now the highlight of the room.
    After the design is approved, we cut the steel. Our in-house talent then grinds and finishes the steel depending on what is needed. Some pieces get a natural patina applied with a clear powder coat to seal. We also do in-house powder coating – you can choose your color and it’s a durable vibrant steel art piece, panel, or other steel component. Check out examples of other finished custom pieces.

  5. Customer review

    customer hearth review

    Thanks Dan Foote-woodsman extraordinaire! We do many custom metal pieces. We know the questions to ask to make sure your design is what you have dreamed. check out our many customer reviews. We are family owned company – located in Minnesota, USA.


  • You supply the idea of what you are looking for in metal fabrication


  • cutter
  • grinder
  • finishing tools
  • powder coat
  • patina
  • welder

Materials: steel

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