How order Personal Metal Sign

How to order your Custom Metal work

We love creating really cool metal pieces at Sir Metalman.
We REALLY LOVE creating that special piece for YOU!
Our specialty is creating custom metal pieces. Do you have an idea, an inkling, a family crest, favorite saying?
We can take your inspiration and turn it into a permanent metal piece for you and your loved ones.

How to order custom metal work?

  1. Form an “idea” of what you want.

    How order Personal Metal Sign

    We know not everyone is a designer – and that is OK. If you give us an idea –
    this can be a
    – Picture
    – Special quote,
    – or try in words to say what you are trying to express: family, vacation spot, animal
    -Let us know approximate size, color

  2. Enter your contact information.

    Enter your Name and Email below.

  3. Send us your idea in words.

    Based in your idea (from step 1), use the Message form below to discuss what you want.
    If you want you can also include your phone # here.

  4. Send us a picture.

    In the section below- Select File your image file. Acceptable file formats: pdf, jpeg, png.
    Next select the new button: Upload File.

  5. Send this information to us.

    Select Contact Us

  6. Hear from Sir Metalman

    Check your emails for a message from SirMetalman.
    (also check your SPAM folders) We respond within 2 days.

  7. Follow up

    order custom metal sign

    We will give a quick rendition if we can do your design in metal.
    To proceed, you put non refundable deposit which will be applied to the cost of your piece.
    We start the design process with questions and design approvals to create your dream custom piece!

HOW TO Upload your file:
Click “Select file button”
Upload desired file: pdf, jpeg, png
Click “Upload file”

  • If multiple files, upload 1 at a time.
  • Make sure tell us you sent a file in your message.
Upload files

One man’s vision….


What’s your dream idea?


Do you have an indoor or outdoor space you want to enhance?


Our designers work with you to transform your vision into reality.


Isn’t it great to have a custom piece that really speak to you?


Thank you Dan F for working with us. It was a pleasure working on this project together.