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Gardeners in the northern states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakotas, Iowa, Michigan, have to deal with quite a long winter.  When Spring finally comes, we are excited to be out in the fresh air and enjoy our hobbies: gardening, hiking, boating, sitting by campfires.  If you are a gardener you can do some things to get head start on preparing your garden for a bountiful season.

10 fun ideas on how prepare your garden:

garden harvest

10 fun ideas on how prepare your garden:

  1. Analyze and prepare the soil for what you want to plant

  2. Draw up a landscape plan for your garden

  3. Decide what plants-flowering, vegetable, fruit, grass
    label with the Best garden markers on the market

    how prepare your garden with metal garden markers-huge selection 18"

    Help keep track of what plants are planted where with steel plant markers.

  4. Find nutrients & water requirements for your plants and soil

  5. Add extras to enhance your design:
    Garden markers, Fun Gnome Fairy Stakes

    metal welcome garden gnome yard decor

    Fun garden stakes with multiple colors can add interest to your garden. Smaller stakes are great fun in flower boxes.

  6. Find a gardener buddy to share chores, information, produce and fun

    gardening with friends

    Multiple hands make light work.

  7. Start some of your seeds inside to give them a head start
    (see graph #1 below)

    See graph #1 below.

  8. Figure when to plant outdoor plants
    (see graph #2 below)

    See graph #2 below.

  9. Search for some new recipes to incorporate your bounty of produce

    garden vegetables on table

    Google new recipes you have not tried.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are always good.
    Stir fries have lot’s of possibilities depending on what you have in your garden and in your refrigerator.
    Smoothies – especially refreshing in the hot outdoors.

  10. Have a garden party to share your bounty to celebrate with friends and family

    image garden party

    Invite friends and neighbors to share your bounty.
    Donate some to the local food pantries.


  • seeds
  • plot of land or containers
  • SirMetalman plant markers
  • SirMetalman garden stakes
  • plant nutrients


  • spade
  • shovel

How prepare your garden timeline for planting:
When plant seeds in Minnesota?


when plant seeds in minnesota graph
Data from University of Minnesota Extension


plant outdoor sec1
plant outdoor sec2
plant outdoorsec3
plant outdoor sec4
Data from University of Minnesota Extension

More detail ideas on how to prepare your garden
at University of Minnesota Extension