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  • Metal Longhorn skull wall art
  • 25″ tall x 23″ wide
  • Flame torch patina on skull (each piece unique)
  • Then horns Powder coated clear
  • Horns powder coated cream mix
  • Local PICK UP ONLY – unless call to set up

Fun Texas Longhorn facts:

  • Mascot of University of Texas
  • They come in all colors & patterns
  • Named the Texas state mammal in 1995
  • Longhorns (like camels) can survive DAYS without water- this is good if you’ve ever done summer in Texas
  • They can go up to 20mph (a bit faster than me)
  • Widest horn span measured is 10’…WOW!

BEST FUN FACT about Longhorns:

  • The word “Maverick” originally meant an unbranded cattle
  • Samuel Maverick a Texas land baron refused to brand his cattle – therefore a calf w/o a brand became known as a…..Maverick!

Sir Metalman had the pleasure of living in McKinney Texas for 8 great years. If you have time, visit Fort Worth Texas where you can see these amazing animals in an authentic cattle drive.