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Compare to other garden stakes –

  • Long lasting metal, hefty, heavy duty steel-won’t decay like others.
  • Powder coated- weather, corrosion resistant
  • Plant name & picture
  • 17″ good size
  • Bright fun colors
  • Use EVERY YEAR!!

Garden Marker Specifications:

  • 17″-18″ tall
  • 5″-8″ Vertical(end of word to bottom)
  • 4″-6″ wide at top

To order multiples and get discount
Qty (1-9) $12/each (great value)
Qty (10-20) $10/each (better value)
Qty (21 and over) $9/each (BEST value)

1-9 $12.00
10-20 $10.00
21-30 $9.00

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Last you’ll need to buy-EVER!!


metal garden markers-huge selection-bright colors -18"

Be proud!
That’s a beautiful garden-use quality metal garden markers.

  • Easy to read lettering.
  • Made out of metal and powder coated with vibrant long-lasting color.
  • These stakes will last a life time.
  • The name is cut out of metal along with a cute picture of your item.
  • These beautiful and durable Garden Stakes add charm and color.

Why use a garden marker?

You need plant markers to remember what got planted and where.  Many plants look similar when shoots form but can grow quickly and out of control if not properly weeded, watered and fertilized. 

Don’t buy “cheap” garden markers?

1st- a garden marker should do what it’s supposed to do-show you where your plants are located. So they should be large enough and brightly colored.
You may think you can save money by buying cheaper garden markers-made of wood, some mystery material, plastic, cheap acrylic…..BUT-they will not last the season-many will fall apart.
Sir Metalman garden markers are made of quality USA steel and powder coated to be weather resistant and vibrant.

2nd your garden marker should enhance your garden experience. Does it clearly state the plant it is marker plus give a visual? Don’t wander around trying to remember what you planed. Know if that’s a plant bud or a weed that’s coming up.

Show off your hard garden work with amazing plant/vegetable markers. Strong metal, weather-resistant, with fun images.

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