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Custom Metal Sign Examples

Custom metal signs are a versatile and stylish way to add a unique touch to your business or home. You can  create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers and capture your unique brand.  You can make your house stand out from the neighbors or create the family heirloom special to you.  Metal signs can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Here are some examples that Sir Metalman has done for our customers to drive brand recognition with a business sign or create a forever family sign for home. 

Business Brand signs

Business logo sign is a great way to promote brand recognition:

  • Take pictures with your sign as a backdrop for social media
  • Build company culture by displaying your sign inside where employees can see it and conference rooms to be seen at meetings and ZOOM sessions.
  • Build brand recognition with your customers when they enter your shop and continually see your message and logo.
  • Metal signs are the best if your company values sustainability because metal signs are the most eco-friendly material for building signage. 
    They also help if you are developing LEEDS building practices.

Retail Signs

Retail signs are extremely necessary as it is the first impression your customers sees and is often how your customer finds you and identifies if you are their type of client.

  • Retail signs help your building stand out and be noticed
  • Metal signs show a forever professionalism and modern clean look
  • Metal signs last inside and outside.  Don’t go cheap and use wood that warps or vinyl that looks cheap and transitory

Custom signs for home

Custom metal signs can bond a family or group of friends with a physical reminder of your common threads.

  • Create a family heritage sign, family established, name sign or fun activity that you enjoy doing together.
  • When it’s a custom sign, it will be special just for your group.
  • The advantage of a metal sign is that it will last forever and become the one piece that does make the move and gets passed down.
  • Check out some of our very unique pieces we have done for families and their stories – we truly have amazing customers with big ideas.

Metal sign examples for Business, Retail & Home Signs

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