Captivating Metal tree woman Single panel with offset:
Mother nature from strong metal delicate lines:
Powerful wall decor

Intricately cut framed tree woman shaped tree wall decor

Exceptional decor demands attention & continues to captivate.

Delicate artistic metal tree woman.
3 coloring styles to choose from to match your decor.

Tree woman is intricately cut, ground smooth and powder coated.
Tree woman stands off the wall as border sides tabbed 1/2″ to create shadow effect

#1) White tree woman
#2) Black tree woman
#3) Flame Torched Patina tree woman 

Approx: 16”wide x 21.5” high x .5″ deep
Patina coloring is an art and science so colors are never the same and will have variance.


metal tree woman white

metal tree woman single white

metal tree woman black

metal tree woman single black

metal tree woman patina

metal tree woman single patina on brown