Moose head metal wall art full patina| Moose Patina| Northern wall art| Cabin wall decor

Each Moose Headpiece hand-crafted with natural metal patina added

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Northern theme moose head wall art

  •  Metal Moose head wall art
  • 22″ tall x22″ wide x 5″ deep
  • Patina added (each piece unique)
  • Powder coat clear for lasting beauty
  • Dimension added so stands off the wall
  • – center line and head & antlers

Looking for that natural unique cabin decor?
No moose were hurt – just the spirit of the north.
This piece is handcrafted, patina and bends added to show depth to this handsome wall decor.

Perfect addition to outdoorsmen and outdoors women favorite room.
Bring the feel of the north into your space, man cave, cabin, home for your statement piece.