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13 Crafted Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ll love you forever;
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be
~ “I love you Forever” By Robert Munsch

Mothers Day gift ideas -Custom from you-personal for her

Do you know, in this crazy world, what one thing we ALL have in common?
Yep – we all have a mom….awww.

Even though we all have a mom – each mom is different. 
But we do like to spend (at least) 1 day a year celebrating the mom-hood.

So many different situations – moms of all ages, interests, lifestyle – some moms have passed on and will be especially remembered.  Many moms have a mom and are a mom.

However we break it down – I’m here to share some personal Mother’s day gift ideas with you – gift giving and things to do for that special Mother’s Day. 

13 Custom gift ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Personalized metal family tree plaque
  2. Simply stated family wall decor sign
  3. Versatile “faith” wall sign
  4. For the dog lover – Custom leash / key hook
  5. For the music lover – Musical book ends
  6. For the welcoming moose love – Welcome Moose sign (great for the cabin)
  7. Special metal “Never Forget” plaque – for those gone before
  8. For the wild mom – Wolf nature plaque
  9. For the garden lover – personalized garden sign
  10. and more for Garden lover – lifetime vibrant plant markers
  11. and garden or funky home lover – Cute Welcome Gnome sign…get it ;)
  12. For the mom goddess in all of us – Mother Goddess art piece
  13. if these ideas don’t work – contact us
    We discuss ideas and create something special just for your mom.

Keep it real with these personal Mother’s Day gift ideas from a local shop

I’m a mother.  Life can be tough, but I am tougher

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother. 
Who has no manual – but figures it out along the journey.

42 Real Ideas list of what to do for Mother’s day

  1. Breakfast in bed for mom
  2. Do chores without being asked
  3. Pick flowers for a table bouquet (not from neighbors) – I love dandelions
  4. Go for a walk together
  5. Make her a special handmade card
  6. Play fun family games
  7. Have a bonfire
  8. Watch a family favorite movie
  9. Read a book together
  10. Do a craft together
  11. Write down mom’s best heirloom recipe
  12. Bake together
  13. Work in the garden with mom
  14. Be nice to your siblings
  15. Go to a museum
  16. Set up a special bath time for mom
  17. Go camping
  18. Have a picnic (if it’s cold and rainy – have an inside picnic)
  19. Make a fort with blankets and read a story to mom
  20. Dance with mom
  21. Do a craft together
  22. Have a BBQ (if bad weather finger food inside)
  23. Day trip surprise
  24. Do a puzzle together
  25. Create a book/movie of family photos
  26. Make a bucket list together
  27. Help with a big home project
  28. Look through family pictures
  29. Make an instrument (box with spoons sounds like a drum) and play a song for mom
  30. Cook with mom (or you do it by yourself)
  31. Pretend you are at a fancy restaurant and you are the waiter for mom
  32. Take a picture of you and mom (time flies faster than you think)
  33. Sit outside with mom
  34. Ask her what her favorite quote is…and why
  35. Hang out with mom and listen
  36. Brush her hair (it’s very relaxing)
  37. Have a tea party – you decorate the table
  38. Record a mom growing up story for future
  39. Walk the dog (or advanced cat) together
  40. Watch old home videos – you were a baby once
  41. Write a thank you letter to mom with at least 10 items – You can do it!!
  42. Do what mom wants to do