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Powder coated metal signs are important

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is what we at Sir Metalman apply to your metal piece to give a professional quality finish.

So-sort of like paint- but better!
Powder coating is low in toxicity and has low flammability.  The “powder” is finely ground particles of pigment and resin. 

The powder is applied electrostatically to the metal. 
Kind of how static electricity attracts objects as if by magic? – it’s not magic of course, but science. 
The powder particles are charged, then sprayed towards the metal and deposit on the metal surface.   
The metal with powder is than “cured” or heated in a special oven.

Is powder coating more durable than painting?

After the powder is applied to the metal, the piece is put in a special oven and the piece is “cured” or baked on. When the powder is cured on the metal it forms a protective finish that is harder than conventional paint. Powder coating has cross linked particles that provide a waterproof finish. Whereas solvent based paint can leave very small pinholes – an inroad causing future rusting. Powder coating metal signs provides better resistance to scratching, rust, wear and tear.

Is Powder coating better for the environment?

You betcha!
the powders used in powder coating are non-toxic and contain NO solvents, therefore has negligible VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).  The overspray can be retrieved and reused – recycles.
Contrast (see image), wet paint can be carcinogenic, flammable and hazardous to employees and the environment if not properly handled.

Is powder coating metal signs good?


Bottom line – the metal pieces that Sir Metalman creates for you via powder coat are vibrant color, resistant to chemicals, corrosion and weather.
Powder coating is safer and better for the environment
(Sir Metalman really appreciates that it is Non Toxic) plus it lasts and looks fabulous!

Powder coat colors for your metal pieces