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Discover Trade secret Realtor Closing gift with whopping rewards

Is giving a realtor closing gift a good idea?

Before we start talking what is a good closing gift, let’s begin with if it should be done.  Offering the best quality service to your client is necessary for your job.  You will not get a referral, even if you give a great gift, if your realtor skills are lacking.  A realtor closing gift is not a band-aid.

That said, it’s still great practice in this industry to give closing gifts to buyers and sellers.  You don’t want to be the one realtor that did not give a gift – clients do talk and remember.  

But the main reason for giving a client a closing gift is long term business.  If you continue to feed your funnel, the work to find new clients in the future gets easier and less expensive as your network of past customers grow and they remember and refer you.  

82% of all real estate transactions come from repeat and referral business.

Is it cost effective to give closing gifts?

Well, let’s break this down.  You earned a commission for doing your job -that’s your pay and you earned it.  
But you have to continue to pay for leads with money or time.
So using funds now, to get quality leads later does pay for itself – with dividends!  

Here’s a story:
You successfully found a clients dream home and the closing went well. 
End of story….

What if we tweak the story?
You successfully found a clients dream home and the closing went well.
This time, a few days later, you stop by, see how they are faring in their new home and give them a personalized timeless gift for their new home. It’s not “salesy”, Your business transaction is done. You are giving them a house warming gift.

Realtors have found success giving a personalized metal sign with their clients name and using the established date as the year they bought the house. 

best real estate closing gift
best real estate closing gift

Remember the idea of the closing gift is a “present” gift for your client~

but a “future” gift to you.

Why a personalized metal sign name and established date is the best closing gift.

  • It’s personal
  • It’s not weirdly personal
  • It’s a family gift – tie the family together during this stressful time
  • People proudly display their family sign in prominent place in their home for all to see
  • The friends and family who see the sign-ask “Where did you get that personalized sign?” – they continually remember and can start a conversion about you and your service 
  • It lasts forever-they may move again – this goes with them
  • You will be top of mind without being in their face
  • Easily place your company information as a sticker on the back-people can easily find your information to send to a friend
realtor closing gift ideas using custom name gift

Nearly 60% of home buyers under the age of 29 don’t expect to be in their home for more than 10 years before selling again…..

sounds like you better stay Top of Mind.

So how much does a closing gift costs?

First, what do you lose by not giving a gift? 


  • Your client may think you are cheap
    – they know they spent a lot of money and it is typical in the industry to give some token of working together.  
  • Your clients have just moved
    -there’s a lot of new information they have to remember
    – new names of neighbors, company associates, teachers etc
    – don’t make it hard to remember your name. 
    Extra papers get thrown out or filed
    -Give them a place to easily see who they worked with and the great gift they got:
    ~ Put your sticker on the back of the sign.
  • When people move, they often have house warming parties
    – It’s a great chance to be the topic of conversation by starting with where did they get that great sign ?!

How much does it cost to pay for realtor leads?

As a realtor, you need to keep your funnel moving with prospective clients. 
You can certainly pay to keep the funnel full – here are some basic costs.

They are several companies to purchase real estate leads from in the industry
– with price variability for long term contract, availability, region, exclusivity to name a few.

  •’s lead service is called Connections Plus and costs about $200-$1000/month.
  • Zillow leads service is called Premier Agent, you can expect to pay $150-$1000/month.

How does this compare with working on a long range organic referral plan? 


It’s more cost effective to keep good clients than always paying to find new clients.


OK – so how much does a closing gift cost?

A personalized metal sign can go from $70-$300 depending on size and complexity.  

  • This can help generate a good referral reminder.
  • Great subject opener when client talks to friends and family
  • This piece stays top of mind
  • When clients move again – they can easily find your contact

Let’s put this in perspective:

So if we break down some standard realtor commissions & costs:

  • Typical commission 1-5%
  • $300,000 home sale 3% comm=You earn $9000 commission
  • A percentage price point for a closing gift is 1-5% of commission =
    ~ $90-450 – well within range for a long lasting quality gift.
    Personalized metal signs from SirMetalman is the perfect answer for you.

Let Sir Metalman take some of your work off your plate

SirMetalman is a USA small business.  We connect with clients to create custom metal art and signs.  These products are “NOT” a piece of metal hanging on a wall.  When we deliver these custom signs to our clients, I love hearing the stories behind the signs.  These are memory reminders.

Our signs act as a family heritage sign, a shield, a reminder they are a tribe.  

If you are a realtor, looking for that perfect closing gift, to create long term relationships with your clients – please contact us.

As a small business we give person point of contact sales support.  We can help create a “library” of signs you like to use. 
When you are ready to gift a sign, let us know the personal details and we can get the “WOW Closing gift” to you so you stay top of mind to your clients.

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