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Sign Impact for Marketing

A Case Study with Isthmus Engineering - St Paul MN

At Sir Metalman, we take pride in transforming spaces with custom metal signs that not only represent a brand but also enhance its visibility and sign impact.

We worked with the team at Isthmus Engineering to create brand impact signs. 

They are an engineering firm in St Paul MN. For more information, check out their Isthmus Engineering website.


They requested a tight time schedule so they could best display their building for a state event they were hosting.
Our recent project with Isthmus Engineering in St Paul MN is a perfect example of how tailored signage can make a significant difference. Here’s a closer look at the two distinctive signs we created for them:

Illuminating Excellence: The Exterior Sign

The first part of our project was to create an exterior sign that would serve as a beacon of Isthmus Engineering’s brand. This sign was crafted from aluminum with added black powder coat, precision cutouts of their logo and name, and acrylic panel behind logo for lighting to shine through. This sign is a beacon on the street, leading clients and visitors around the clock to their building.

Forward thinking Exchangeable Panels:

We were able to utilize some of the existing structure for the outside sign.  Because of the past graffiti problems, we designed a system to easily exchange the metal panels if there is a need for replacement.  By opening the enclosure the tabs for sliding panels out and in make replacements easy.  This ensures the sign value and integrity remains in the future.

Inside Sign: “Minnesota Milestones” – Sign Impact for Marketing

The interior sign, aptly named “Minnesota Milestones,” was designed to enhance Isthmus Engineering’s market presence and client engagement. Here’s how this remarkable piece transforms their space:

Commanding Presence

Positioned prominently in the entrance area, the “Minnesota Milestones” sign commands attention with its large size and intricate details. It features a detailed depiction of Minnesota, complete with all 87 counties in Minnesota defined with cut lines.  This  communicates Isthmus Engineering’s strong local presence in Minnesota and dedication to the state. This local touch is particularly appealing to state organizations, highlighting the company’s commitment to regional expertise and investment.

Visual Testament to Experience

The sign is interactive, with magnets representing various projects. Each magnet placed on the map transforms it into a visual testament to Isthmus Engineering’s extensive experience and active engagements. For visiting representatives, this display offers immediate proof of the company’s range and successful track record, enhancing their reputation as a reliable and effective partner.

Fostering Unity and Investment

For employees, seeing their collective efforts visually represented fosters a strong feeling of unity and personal investment in the company’s ongoing success. The sign becomes more than just a decorative element; it’s a symbol of their hard work and achievements and a great team builder.

Engaging and Interactive

The interactive nature of the sign keeps the information current and engaging. Visitors can explore the company’s work in a hands-on manner, providing a memorable and impactful experience that resonates more deeply than traditional marketing materials.

Conversation Starter

The “Minnesota Milestones” sign also serves as a conversation starter, facilitating discussions about specific projects or broader capabilities with potential clients. For state representatives who visit the office, it presents an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about how Isthmus Engineering can meet their needs, reinforcing the company’s value proposition.

A Symbol of Excellence and Vision

The “Minnesota Milestones” sign is more than just a marketing tool; it’s a powerful statement of Isthmus Engineering’s commitment to excellence and strategic vision for future growth. It significantly enhances the company’s professional image and boosts its visibility, making it an invaluable asset.

At Sir Metalman, we are thrilled to have partnered with Isthmus Engineering on this project, delivering custom signage. If you’re looking to elevate your business presence with unique, impactful signage, contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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