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Ok, first you have to have the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” playing in your head as it is in mine – but with words “Don’t buy from us, a small business……my neighbor…”

Yes, we are a small business, a family business in fact.

We want the best for you.
We specialize in what you cannot get on a big box store website.

  • We help your company stand out in a professional way.
  • We help you give the gift of a lifetime to a friend or family member.
  • We create a concrete symbol of your family bonds to remember during hardships and fun.


We happen to do this using the medium of steel.
We create custom metal work.

Small business branding

We listen to you describe your company vibe. 
What are your signage needs inside, outside, during Zoom calls.  Do you need to create a social media wall- to take advantage of that free advertising.
You need a unique business sign so your employees can rally around a common goal and your customers recognize your brand as their brand.

Special gift for your special someone

We listen to you explain that special someone in your life and their interests. We can create that vision in a metal form to last a lifetime. They will always remember you when they see that special heirloom piece.

Family Branding – Clan Banner

We listen to you as you share what makes your family special. 
What’s your vibe, what do you enjoy doing together, what’s your heritage. 
We create a piece to portray that feeling so it can be proudly displayed in your home for all to see.

Families benefit from branding – but we don’t call it branding.
Remember the movies of the Middle Ages with the knights riding on horseback – holding high their clan banner? That’s what we create for you: your clan banner, family shield, heirloom piece to gather around and pass down.

Our product cannot be made by a production machine or person on the other side of the world.

We are real people…that talk to you

Here at Sir Metalman, we are not a faceless, voiceless void on a big box website and neither are you.
When you have a question, I want you to call me.  Contact us
I will explain our process, our time line, our reasoning for the design. sirmetalman brandon2
I will listen to your needs and concerns.
We will be honest – because that’s the way we are.
I will be direct because – well, that’s the way I roll.

I won’t put you on hold with annoying music and then drop your call when I finally answer
…as happens to me sometimes – UGH! 
If we are busy in the shop building another customer order, I will call you back quickly and give you personal attention.

If you need installation assistance, we can offer that.
If you need a person to listen to your heartfelt story – I will gladly share in your personal story.
If you need a business to deal with efficiently to get your name out – we will do that.

So, don’t buy from us because we are a small business.
Don’t buy from us out of charity and guilt.

Buy from us because we supply what you need.

Being local is just a bonus :)
Thank you to our many customers who have bought from us and trusted us to create their vision.

“When it comes to customer interaction, big-box stores can be very different from your typical local shop or retailer. …shoppers prefer the personal attention and expert assistance that mom-and-pop stores or specialty shops can offer.”