Southwestern Metal Wall Decor

Southwestern Metal Wall Decor 

The USA has such amazing art, history & stories of the American Southwest.  Bringing Southwestern metal  decor into your home, lodge, cabin, ranch or cottage is a wonderful way to share the warmth of the decor and show your love of American history.  Don’t buy Southwest decor from another country- Sir Metalman handcrafts each piece for you in our USA shop. Check our selection and if you want something else-please contact us so we can create it for you.

PLEASE let us know if you are interested in a custom design.  Our in house designers and artists love creating!

All our pieces are handcrafted with USA steel. Exceptional patina process brings out the beauty of the metal and all pieces are powder coated for long lasting decor.

Southwestern colors

Sir Metalman creates beautiful “Southwestern” type colors: orange, red, brown, golden with natural metal patinas.  These patinas highlight the natural beauty of the metal and add a glow to the decor.  All pieces are then powder coated for durability.

Southwest Wall Decor

All of our products are powder coated so will stand up to the elements for a lifetime. Our custom metal signs are made of strong steel-made in Minnesota, USA. When you buy from us you are not only supporting USA small business but getting a premium product and superior quality.  We are small enough to offer custom designs and big enough to have all in house talent.

Southwestern metal wall decor:longhorn metal wall art
Southwestern metal wall decor