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  • Size: 24″ wide x 27″ high x 5″ deep
  • 2 Steel halves to your heart
  • 1 side powder coated red-maroon color
  • 1 side hand brushed steel with funky cut outs and added flame torch patina
  • Copper stitching connects 2 sides
  • Welded brace hanging bar in back
  • Each piece is hand-crafted
    Each is unique in look

Check out the artist creating this stitched heart sculpture in the video

Share the artistry with SirMetalman as we hand-craft this beautiful steel heart sculpture. Watch the artisan cut the steel, add flame patina, hand brush the steel, add the powder coating to protect and stitch the heart pieces together with copper. You can purchase this and other amazing metal art and sculptures. We all connect with this journey. The contrast of the fragile heart that with heat and work becomes more beautiful and full.–68UVM