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Sir Metalman Sustainability Policy

stillwater mn sustainable green bus award gold
Gold Award for Stillwater MN community sustainability

Sustainable Metal Signs

Sir Metalman strives to supply the need for business signs and personalized signs as heirloom gifts in the most sustainable way possible for our community and planet.  We use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and will continue to look for ways to become a more sustainable business ourselves as well as offering eco-friendly alternative materials for our customers.

Recyclable metals - lifetime usage

Sir Metalman uses recyclable materials – metals: steel, aluminum, weathering steel, to create our custom metal business signs, home decor and personalized gifts.  Metal lasts longer than other material options for signs, such as wood and plastics.  Because of steels durability, it affords product long lifetime, thereby reducing the need to discard and replace with new items and reducing landfills. 

Yep- Steel is the most recycled material on the planet!

All steel produced in the USA contains recycled content, ranging up to 100% for some steel products. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Once produced, steel can be recycled into new steel products—a steel support can become another steel support or… a metal sign, wind turbine or bike. 

USA Steel Industry Sustainability Video

Powder Coating Signs...
what a finish! VOC, HAP, EPA ...oh my!

We use powder coating instead of “rattle can” paint to color and protect the metal pieces.  The eco-friendly benefits of powder coating include a cleaner application processes for our employees and community.  Unlike paints and other solvent-based coatings, powder coating is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).  Powder coating is considered non-toxic, inert and produces negligible VOCs, so it already meets or exceeds many national environmental protection standards (EPA). 
Check out the cool process of powder coating.

EPA says: Switch to Powder Coatings

“Because powder coatings are generally the lowest polluting of all coatings, you should give them serious consideration. Powder coatings emit virtually no VOCs, do not require the use of organic solvents in the coatings, and retain the benefits of traditional coatings. Powder coatings are charged by static electricity when the coating leaves the spray gun, which causes them to be statically attracted to the part, reducing waste and leaving behind a more even finish than conventional coatings. Increased protective qualities also make powder coatings more desirable when a resistant finish is required. Powder coatings also eliminate the need for multiple-stage coatings.”
Document: Find out exactly what the EPA says about powder coating and the environment.

LED lighting LEEDS the way

We use energy efficient LEDs when sign backlighting is desired.  These are modular, low maintenance, use as much as 75% less energy, thereby saving replacement costs and old products from land fills.

sustainable sir metalman
LED efficient lighting
sustainable LEDs by sir metalman
Brand Logo sign
with changeable eye catching LEDs
Making a statement! says...

LED lighting products typically last much longer than other lighting types. A good quality LED bulb can last 3 to 5 times longer than a CFL and 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

Keeping our community close

We concentrate on local businesses and customize unique brand logo signs to help our customers stand out and be noticed by their customers.  The personalized metal gifts we create often become family heirlooms with special memories instead of big box throw away gifts that end up in land fills.

Locally Sustainable in Minnesota and Wisconson

Did you know that Sir Metalman is a local family owned custom metal business?
Why is that better for our planet?
We purchase our materials locally. When you buy from a local fabricator – you know we are giving a living wage. We are not shipping your product and using airlines and container ships, which increases our carbon footprint. Mass produced items seen on the big box online sites are more likely produced in a manufacturing factory with all that carries in pollution and workers treatment policies. Handcrafted work, working by hand, takes less energy than a mass produced assembly line item.

We love a story

We create our unique pieces one at a time for local clients. Our pieces often tell a story and get passed on to the next generation with family memories. For large projects, there is a lot of communication back and forth, making sure we are creating the clients vision. We get to know each other and each others stories. People and businesses we did not know in our community become friends and businesses that we then recommend to help them on their journey.

We do NOT sell a hunk of metal – we create a story, a vision, an heirloom, a unique business brand sign….that happens to be made in a sustainable way with sustainable materials by a local community minded business.
Check out some of our customer stories.

Attention to detail
Attention to detail
Custom metal sign installation Little Canada MN
Custom metal sign installation Little Canada MN

We help our customers to help the planet

Using metal sign material can assist our customers earn a range of credit requirements for certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) set by U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s).

To learn more about USGBC’s mission and how to get LEED certified check out their site:

Sustainability Highlights for metal signs:

  • Steel durability/longevity reduces product wear & replacements 
  • Use local made equipment and supplies
  • Recycle excess steel scrap 
  • Use of Recyclable metal materials 
  • Powder coating instead of paint to color and protect metal 
  • Use energy efficient LED lighting for projects 
  • Concentrate on local customers to minimize shipping issues 
  • Handcrafted unique products
  • Sustainable signage can contribute to USGBC LEED® building certification credits for our customers