Unique gifts: Thinking of you

Unique gift ideas for a crazy time

You want to connect with a friend or special person?  Right now, it is difficult to unite with others as many of us are in some kind of quarantine.  Yet we want to connect.  It’s human nature to be social and share our pain, frustration and joy.  It is hard to find a unique gift or thoughtful message that fits what you are looking for?

We designed our pop up collection for these moments. 
I’ll tell ya – our society is going through a lot of these moments right now.  This post is not about getting into the rhetoric of the day – there are many news sources and opinions for that.  This post is friend to friend.  Reaching out – because no matter who or where you are, you would have to be living under a rock not to be effected by the events of 2020 as well as whatever life throws at you in the future.

Times of change : Times of Hope

We know from personal experience that we grow during the most  difficult times.  We must hope as a society we as a collective will also grow.  But a group is made up of real individuals – each feeling their own situation differently.  Some react to change easier than others. This time we have had to deal with pandemic, quarantine, fear of illness, social distancing, work and schools closing, uncertainty…. Recently, we have had to evaluate society values and how we interact.  Many have protested-many have strong feelings. Words are powerful.  Sometimes we need to communicate without using words.  Sometimes what we need is a hug, a smile, an acknowledgement that we are here, we matter, we are together.

The thoughtful gift

We feel it’s a time to go forward in hope, love, joy – reach out to friends and family. Purchase a Pop up to that person you want to connect with but cannot see right now.  Buy a pop up for home, as a reminder that this time will pass and we will have a new found appreciation for life. 

Use these unique gift ideas and Send a Perfect Pop up

We developed our standard metal pop ups with symbols of growth: flowers, butterflies, cross.  We added words that don’t ignore the pain of now but give meaning to the promise of future.  We chose words: JOY, LOVE, HOPE.

Traditional gift baskets get opened then forget.  Paper pop up cards are paper and don’t last long.  We are not looking for that big splashy gift right now but a gentle reminder that we are connected.  Our pop up collection is budget friendly unique gift.  They don’t take up a lot of space-no excessive clutter to add with the recently new living arrangements some are dealing with.  The pop up gifts ship in a flat box and when you open – you pop up the metal which forms into a 3d metal design standing on a round base.  

Personalized gifts carry even more meaning.  Add a meaningful word or name to create a custom, personalized gift that a friend can look at and feel the connection with you even if we need to social distance.  The pop up is a virtual hug.  It’s the little things that can give us strength.  The smile, wave, thoughtful gift – that pop ups and can be viewed and give inspiration.

10 reasons to buy metal pop up

  • Made of light weight metal so last forever
  • Inspiring message
  • Hopeful designs
  • Many options to choose from
  • Personalized gifts
  • Artistically multi colored
  • Made by a Family small business
  • Thinking of you gift
  • Any occasion gift
  • Keep 1 at home for personal hope

10 reasons to love metal pop up

  • Unique gifts
  • Personalized gift
  • Budget friendly
  • Symbol of HOPE
  • Perfect For any occasion
  • Perfect for No occasion
  • Memories of loved ones
  • Does not break
  • Minimalist gift
  • Individually made with love

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