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custom metal map unique family memories

Unique way to Create Family Memory

room before map
Before metal map
family memory metal map with sports magnets
After metal map installed - Alex adding sports stadium magnets

Special sports family memory...that will last a lifetime

This is why we love what we do.  Yes, we make things from metal…but what we create is the important thing!

Our customer, Alex, called requesting a custom metal project.  He was thinking of a custom map for his home.  He continued on with his story.  He and his wife recently had a beautiful son and planned on sharing special family memories together.  They love sports. When they visit the different sports stadiums throughout the country, they collect a really cool miniature 3-D wood magnet in the shape of the stadium to remember the event.  These magnets are 1″-3″ in size so a sizable map was required.

These trips are now a family event- sharing their joy of sports, exploring different parts of the country and being together as a family making memories. Each of these cool sporting events will now have a physical reminder that will elicit their special family time.  Plus, their son will excel in US geography with this 8′ x 5′ steel map in their living room.

Great thing about this custom metal map is it will last forever – and be passed down to generations with all the family stories that go with it.

If you have an idea for your special forever family project – run your idea by SirMetalman and let’s get it done.

metal map installation

SirMetalman installation

Depending on the scope of the project, it's nice to know SirMetalman can handle installation. This very large map definitely needed some finessing to get the right placement for a lifetime of family memories.